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Sitka Forest Immersion

Michelle Hamilton-Page, Certified Forest Therapy Guide

Forest immersion in British Columbia, Canada. 

Also known as shinrin-yoku, or forest bathing, forest immersion is a practice of paying close attention to, and nurturing our natural connection to our environment. Sitka Forest Immersion offers guided individual and group forest immersion experiences in person, and remotely.  Participants are offered the opportunity, through a series of guided invitations, to deepen their relationship with the forest, and the more than human world, enhancing the well-being of both self, and nature. 


Photo by Mark Altermann

Misty Forest Reflection

"Michelle led me through my first Forest Bathing experience and it was so wonderfully safe and intentional. She had such a seamless way of bringing the group together and creating an environment of trust, it felt safe to be vulnerable! My 10 year old son was on the walk and she clearly delighted in his presence and what he brought to the group, as a parent, it was powerful to have him be embraced in this way and the flexibility I needed to tend to his experience was very present.


Thanks Michelle – when are we going back in to the forest?"
- Jessica A.

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